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Quality Dental Plan

It's not insurance. It's better.

What is Quality Dental Plan?

Quality Dental Plan is our in-house Dental Membership Plan designed to save you money! Your Dental health is vitally important to your overall health, which is why we want to try and help our patients who might not have insurance.

Patients who were not previously enrolled in Quality Dental Plan are eligible for the 1 Year Membership price as listed below. Patients who have a family member enrolled in the membership already are eligible for the Family Member pricing. Patients who were enrolled during the previous year are eligible for the Renewal pricing.

Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions. You can reach us at 810-658-9177!

1 Year





1 Year Membership


per year


per year


per year
2 Simple Cleanings $175 Value $175 Value $175 Value
2 Exams $130 Value $130 Value $130 Value
Any X-Rays Needed $130+ Value $130+ Value $130+ Value
2 Fluoride Treatments $90 Value $90 Value $90 Value
Take Home Whitening $50 Value $50 Value $50 Value
20% Off All Other Treatments! Unlimited Value! Unlimited Value! Unlimited Value!
Total Value $575+! $575+! $575+!
Call to Register! Call to Register! Call to Register!

Please Note: Only patients without insurance that we accept are eligible to sign up for Quality Dental Plan due to the law. If you have insurance that we accept, but choose not to use that insurance, you are still not eligible to sign up for Quality Dental Plan. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Disclaimer: Quality Dental Plan is not insurance and is not a discount dental plan.